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Subscription FAQs

What happens to my quizzes after my subscription ends?

You're quizzes will remain, but they won't be visible to your users anymore. However, you only need to renew your Basic or Pro year subscription once and after that your quizzes can be taken by your users forever (or until learnclick.com doesn't exist anymore). You won't be able to create new quizzes or edit them unless you continue to pay for a subscription. Also statistics only are shown to paying "pro" members.

Will my subscription automatically be renewed after one year?

No, we don't do automatic recurring payments. You will receive an email shortly before your subscription ends reminding you to renew your subscription.

Can institutions get a discount?

For groups of 10 or more instructors, Learnclick offers discounted pricing. Please contact us.

I have neither PayPal nor a credit card.

If you want to use another payment option than PayPal, please contact us.

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