BYOD, mobile phones and quizzes

byodBYOD, bring your own device, is a policy used by an increasing number of schools. Recently more teachers have told us that they would like their students to be able to have their students complete the quizzes they created for them on their mobile devices. So finally we’ve got round to creating a responsive layout for which means that it now looks good on any screen size. Learnclick can be used for more than just creating quizzes. It can also be used as an assessment tool, which will help you save time with grading. As a teacher you can create classes, manage students and create logins. For actually creating quizzes we still recommend using a computer, although it does work on an iPad. But you will find marking words is easier with a mouse than by touch.

Here are some pros & cons for using mobile phones in the classroom:

+ Students are more comfortable using their own device.
+ A lot of students love using technology.
+ They always have their phones with them.
+ You don’t need to buy computers.

– It comes with many distractions (like texting)
– A device can break. You need to make sure you have temporary replacements.

Link: for creating online quizzes & cloze tests

Improve your Skype classes with quizzes

We developed for easily creating gap-filling and other types of quizzes. The tool is especially loved by language teachers. I recently used it myself while teaching my Korean brother-in-law English with Skype.

This is how it can be done: During a Skype class take notes of areas where the student had difficulties and of mistakes he made. Based on that create a few example sentences. Using you can create a quiz with a few mouse clicks in minutes which you can then share with your student. You can also create a username for your student so that the answers he gives get recorded.

Your students will appreciate this type of review and it will help you as teacher to make lessons more individual, based on the students needs.

Update: You can use an iframe code so that your students never have to leave your homepage as described here:

Create a quiz for memorizing bible verses

We’ve recently noticed that is not just the ideal quiz maker for language teachers, but also for testing scripture knowledge. We’ve had a number of bible teachers sign up, because it is very simple to paste a bible verse into the text box of the test creator and then mark all the words you want to change into a cloze. Many teachers find especially the possibility to create “drag & drop” words useful. Besides you can of course also create multiple choice quiz questions. With the statistics feature one can easily compare students answers.

Create online language tests

Language testing is where most differentiates from other quiz makers, because it is so easy to create tests around texts, like gap-filling exercises, drag & drops or matching exercises which is especially useful for testing vocabulary and grammar.

Create sections that focus on vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar and writing.
If you have the answers recorded, you can get a quick overview of where your students weaknesses are. A test should be constructed with the goal of having students learn from their weaknesses.

Choose topics that interest your students. With you can insert pictures and sound files which also makes the tests more interesting.

How to share a class or a quiz with another teacher

If you have several colleagues who use, these new “Sharing” features will be very welcome.

Sharing a Quiz

If you would like to share your quiz with a teacher colleague, so that he can edit it himself, click on the link above your quiz (in the edit mode):

Clicking on the link will present you with the following screen:

Sharing a Class

A link “Share Class with another teacher” is now visible when you view your class. Unlike with quizzes, it’s not a copy that gets created but more like a link. Only the teacher who originally created the class can add, remove and edit students. But it allows the other teacher(s) to assign a quiz to the same students and therefore students only need one Learnclick username.

Some new Features

We’ve added some new useful features recently.

1) Duplicate a Quiz
This is useful if you want to make a quiz that is similar to an existing quiz. Just click on the icon with the green plus sign to copy it. You could also create a template with the settings that you always use in order to save time and not forget to check a setting. Just set the “Visible To” for your template quiz to “Just me”.


2) Randomize Question Order
Are students able to see each others screen? Prevent students from cheating by checking the “Randomize questions” option.


3) Use Fullscreen Mode
If you find the textbox for creating a quiz too small, just click on the “fullscreen” icon. Once you’ve finished, you can click on the “fullscreen” icon again to return to the normal mode.


4) Formatting an Answer
For multiple choice questions you can now also add formatting to the answers. Just click on the “editor” icon next to the input box. Thanks to this option, you could even insert a picture as an answer. The quiz creator is now even more powerful and flexible than before.


As always…
If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know.

Create Quizzes with the Edmodo App ‘Cloze Quiz Builder’ – A Review

This is a review written by teacher Robert Donaldson on our Edmodo app.

I found a great new quiz generator called Cloze Quiz Builder by LearnClick. This add-on app replaces Edmodo’s quiz builder and has many features Edmodo’s quiz maker just doesn’t have.

I especially love the ability to post results directly into Edmodo. This saves me the extra step of viewing results in another program. LearnClick’s quiz builder has the ability to handle many formatting options that I find critical to creating quizzes that help the user understand the information I am asking. Bold, italics, underline and even colored text allow me to create more complicated questions while still allowing the student to follow what I am asking.

In addition to the formatting options, LearnClick’s quiz generator has testing choices Edmodo doesn’t have. I use the Generated Dropdown option a lot. The dropdown list takes up a lot less room on student’s screens making much more useful for smaller screens on netbooks and tablets. Also, the Drag and Drop option is unmatched and very useful. Lastly, I sometimes use the Multiple Choice option that allows me to specify more than one correct answer. It’s a nice feature to have when you need it.

For me, formative assessments require quick adjustments and means smaller more frequent quizzes that allow me to steer learning on the fly. LearnClick’s app is so much faster and powerful than Edmodo’s quiz generator, there is no way I would go back. Honestly, there is nothing to go back to as these two generators aren’t even the same league.

Better Edmodo-Integration – Grades get saved & view student’s answers

November 25th 2015: The Edmodo Apps API will no longer be active after June 30th, 2016. Apps using this API will be removed from the Edmodo Store at this time. Therefore we have already removed the Cloze Quiz Builder from the store. Our service will continue to be available directly through

Save time by using our updated Edmodo app Cloze Quiz Builder. If you use Edmodo, you don’t need to create student accounts on, as the information gets passed to the app from Edmodo and you can click on each student’s name to see what answers they provided. Also the grades are passed from Learnclick back to Edmodo when a student who signed in through Edmodo submits an assignment.

This is how it works:

After you click on our Edmodo App “Cloze Quiz Builder” you will see a button “Create a Quiz”.


Create the quiz and then click on the button “Save”. Once you’ve saved the quiz, you will see a link named “Click here to assign this quiz to your Edmodo group(s)” right at the bottom of the page.


This will open a window were you can check which groups you want to assign the quiz to and select the due date.


Clicking on “Assign Now” will post an assignment onto the student’s page:


You will see how many students turned in the quiz on your dashboard. Apart from turning in the quiz, clicking on “Submit” will also set a grade, which is visible inside Edmodo.


If you want to see the answers given, you can start the “Cloze Quiz Builder” Edmodo app and click on the little icon next to your quiz in the “Grades” column.


If you already have a Learnclick membership, please contact us so that we can connect your Learnclick account with Edmodo. Otherwise please purchase the app through the Edmodo Store.

How to reinforce vocabulary words with cloze quizzes

With you can create a clozed gap activity with vocabulary words. Do you notice that your students always make the same mistakes? Create example sentences which not only contain the new vocabulary words they are learning, but also highlight the grammar mistakes they frequently make and let them fill out the blanks. This helps your students to learn words in context and to reinforce vocabulary and grammar they already know. You can choose between simple blank boxes, drop down menus and drag & drop. Here is a simple example: For more examples see some quizzes created by our users. – Soon more powerful and flexible

We are still working on the next version of, but we are so excited about what one will be able to do, so I want to give you an overview of what is coming. The main new feature is that one will be able to mix different types of quizzes on one page. For example you will be able to create a question using multiple choice and then add another question below using gaps or drag&drop. The possibility of the kind of quizzes you will be able to create will therefore be much bigger in the future. See an example here: Mix-Quiz

Some people prefer to have just one question showing at a time, instead of all questions on one page. This will also be possible with the new quiz creator. See an example here: ‘One question at a time’ Test

Here is a screenshot of how the new quiz creator will look like:



We are still working out some details, but an experimental version will be available in the next few weeks. Please let us know if you find something doesn’t work as expected with the above examples.